Thanks for doing such a great job on my car. I can’t tell you how happy and pleased I am with the way it turned out. I would encourage you to add me to your reference list, because I am 110% satisfied with the whole process of your services. It was one of the most enjoyable auto experiences I have ever had. - Ron A.

After a clean sweep at the Dallas Autorama, I thought that I would let you know how Elvis did at the NCCC National Convention, and show you the Elvis sign that we did here in house. Note that your name and phone number is on it!
Best in Class
Best in Show
Peoples Choice
I think that the older members were somewhat pissed that I joined the NCCC the week prior to the event, and walked out with 4 awards. NICE WORK CARR! – Ed B.

I’ll never take my car anywhere but your shop ever again!  You’ve got a customer for life.  It’s about 6:30 pm, Sunday evening and I just got back from the best ride of my life.  The new exhaust is perfect; in the closed position, it’s not much louder than stock, but with a much deeper, beefier tone and at full-open it really screams!  The suspension setup really handles great and the brake/rotor combo easily stops better than stock.  The resto on the driver’s door looks great too!  It was a pleasure doing business with you and your guys.
Thanks a million! - Dan B.

I want to thank you and whomever else worked on my Corvette's A/C and temperature problems. Whatever you did, it worked wonders on the vehicle. Essentially, we were trying to enjoy a car that got just plain hot whether it was summer or winter. Whenever you got out of the car, your back was soaked.  Your magic has made that disappear. We drove the car last night, the A/C worked very well, and the combined impact of that with the catalytic converter replacement and other tweaks you made are nothing short of a miracle. Thanks again, and if you ever need to provide a reference to a customer, I'm your man. – Bill S.

The car is running great. If you ever need to use me as a reference I’d be happy to do so. - Phil

After Picking up the 'Vette Friday, I spent some time with it this weekend.  You were right! It runs AWESOME! Thanks for the good work. - Richard V.

Hey Carr,
I had a chance to really drive the car over the holiday and cannot begin to tell you how good that thing runs. Even when it's cold the thing starts at the tap of the key and the brakes are tip top.  Again, nice work! I will, without hesitation send referrals your way. - Brian N.

It has been great letting you and your team work on our car. I feel like you tended to it as if it was yours, and I know anything that was done, was done right. As a customer that's a great feeling. I also know in the future if any issues arise, I have a place to go for my "fixes". Thanks again for your friendship and work. -Jerry D.

Just wanted to drop you another note to say what an awesome job you and all your guys did on my car. I am Totally Stoked! It drives just amazing and handles just great. Never thought a mid-year or mine would drive like this. The engine rocks! When you open it up it fly’s and sounds great. The intake, Holley and exhaust did wonders. Wow is this car fun to drive! All your recommendations really made this a sweet ride. Tell the guys great job. – Doug B.

You guys are the best guys I've ever met in this business. Your knowledge and commitment to producing a quality product has never been in question with me. I will be proud to have your company logo displayed prominently on my engine and show it off at every chance. - Don G.

Thank you for your diligence in solving my problems. Your customer service is top notch. - Ed G.

Haven’t got a chance to email you, but my car is awesome!!!!!!! It drives so well, alignment, steering, suspension, engine, convertible top, clock; everything is perfect! Could not be happier!!!!!! Thank You!!! You have great people working for you, they do their job with incredible passion, inspires me… - C. York

Hey Carr,
Just wanted to send over a quick “Thanks!” for the great work you guys did on my car… AGAIN!!  I finally had a chance to pop the hood and really look her over last night after I got the kids to bed and everything just looks great, as usual.  Keep up the good work, as they say, and I’ll be in touch with you when I’m ready for the gear swap.  - Dan B.

Not to sound old or anything...but those two employees you sent today were the most RESPECTFUL and POLITE GENTLEMEN I have met in a long time.  They handled our needs with dignity and represent you very well.  They are an asset to your entire crew!!  Thank you Carr!!  This clinches my decision to call you and talk about this whole joint venture!! - J. Hester

I just want you to know that it has been a pleasure working with you and your team as we go through this restoration. There aren't many people out there in business today who conduct themselves with the professionalism and honesty that you all have shown LuAnn and myself. I can't wait to drive the car, and to complete the restoration with one of your magnificent paint jobs! – Doug & LuAnn B.

Thank you. The car has never run better. Huge difference. Also better gas mileage - I can tell already. The rag top work is some of the best I've seen. Your guys are tremendous! Please pass along my complements - Brad B.

Wow. I just wanted to drop you a note on the Mustang and ask that you please share with your crew. Rarely am I “satisfied.” I know that sounds horrible, but I have extremely high standards and to say I am satisfied with the Stang is an understatement. It is almost PERFECT. I love everything from the steering wheel to the sound of the engine to the handling. You guys outdid yourself on this one. Really Carr, I love it. – J. Pierson

It runs like a top. Very nice. The suspension is much better than I expected, it needed practically no steering inputs
while cruising down the highway, and I didn't notice any buzzes, squeaks, or rattles even when going over bumps. Very good job. - R Weeks

Hi Carr,
We came home with 5 awards. the 67 took Best in Class, the 65 took second in class. Both cars also recieved th
President's Award for scoring 98 points or better during judging. And the 65 won Best Stock Interior. Not a bad
weekend.-Ron A.

Hey Carr, 
Just wanted to write to offer a massive "THANK YOU" to all of your techs who worked on my car this week. I know
I was on a tight and skinny budget but both you and your crew did a fantastic job. The car truly drives like a different  car; the handling, the performance, heck, just listening to it idle brings a smile to my face. I think I have to learn to
drive this beast again! Rest assurred that your facility has been and always will be the only service center that takes  care of me in the DFW area. You came in at budget which my wife LOVED. You got it done on time which, yes, this seemed to be the longest week of my life waiting for the work to be completed so I'm highly satisfied. The fact that my daughter, Victoria, was laughing and babbling on the ride home and said "she liked it when Daddy went fast!".....well, you probably know that feeling yourself.  Again, a heartfelt "thank you", Carr. You'll be hearing from me soon to have more work done. - Rob R.

Dear Carr,
Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for the hard work and patience you and your crew showed our “Vette”. We could not have completed this project without you all. We would highly recommend your work!! - Robert & Dana H.

The car is awesome.  We are having lots of fun with it.  Please let the entire team know that we really appreciate all of their hard work. – Kelby H.

I really love my new Hot Rod Camaro, it fires right up and runs, drives and "rocks" just perfectly. That's because of you and your team Carr.  I really want to thank you, very sincerely, for the exceptional work that you did. I appreciate the way you always talk through the issues with me and I really appreciate the expert work your team did ...and the way you care for my car as if it were your own makes it all worthwhile. That's why I brought it to YOU, and that's why I'll always bring it back to you for what ever it may need.  I just wanted to thank you now and let you know I couldn't be happier with everything you did. So many people ask me 'who built the car', and I just tell them Carr's Corvettes & Customs'.... Because it really wasn't complete as delivered, you and your team made it what it is today. - R. Burchette

I just wanted to thank you for taking care of the timing issue and adjusting the carb yesterday. It was great seeing you as always and as usual a pleasure to deal with a restoration facility with such great integrity. - Doug

Carr and staff. Just a shout out to let all of you know how pleased I am with the work you all did on my Dodge Viper.
The custom hood, paint, grill is BITCHIN, the best.
Readers, if you have any brand of auto that you care for, you must take it to Carr's! - Pat M.

Very impressive how thorough you and your team are. Invoice detail is awesome. I am so glad I found your place. - Michael L.

The paint job on the gas tank and brake light lens look fantastic!There is no more noise from the drive train and the car starts up easily and runs/drives great!!
Thank you again for your efforts in making the car enjoyable again! - Michael M.

I appreciate your honorable business relationship – D. Schaded